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Fossilized Rock from Fossil Valley

July 2017Eagle's Nest Camp Painting by Jeanette

July 2017Climb to Cathedral Bump

July 2017Geometry of the Climb

July 2017Upon Reaching the Top

July 2017Wall of Smoke comes up the Valley BelowSmoky Descent

July 2017Eagle's Nest Overlook I

July 2017Eagle's Nest Overlook II

July 2017Eagle's Nest Overlook III

July 2017Wild Flowers on Wild Hay Ridge

July 2017Repetition in Smoke

July 2017After the Hanging Valley Climb

July 2017Zebra Mountain from Hanging Valley

July 2017Craggy Ridge

July 2017Faraway Look to Fossil Valley

July 2017Clearing Storm on the Hike Out

July 2017
Willmore 2017