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My History with Photography

I got my first camera as a kid in the early 1960’s. It was a little plastic Brownie knock-off. Only black and white 120 roll film was available, yet B&W remains a favourite medium.

My first 35 mm SLR was purchased at a local drugstore. In high school, I got interested in the darkroom, rolled my own B&W and transparency film and did most of my own processing. In my graduating year, I had a great time as the yearbook photographer.

By the late 1970’s color printing entered the hobby domain and I was swept up producing vibrant full color images. I dreamed of building my own darkroom one day.

In the 80’s, I bought a used 6x7 (cm) medium format Pentax SLR with manual focus and exposure. Over time, I acquired other lenses, but this once valuable equipment is now worthless!

The darkroom never came, but advances in digital photography led me to buy a 24” printer instead.

Now, with the ease of internet distribution, this site is devoted to sharing my passion with friends and curious image seekers around the world.