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Garmin Map of the General Area

Aug 2019Fossils Along Norman Creek Hike up to Goat Ridge

Aug 2019Claire's Greatest Crinoid Find

Aug 2019Looking Back Down the Source of Norman Creek

Aug 2019Cleopatra's Needle on Mt Saskatchewan

Aug 2019Part of the Wilson Glacier from Goat Ridge

Aug 2019

Not Much of This Left

Aug 2019View North East from Goat Ridge

Aug 2019Trevor and Katy in the Donut Preparing for Evening Song

Aug 2019Mt Coleman in the Morning

Aug 2019Mosquito-Free Happy Hour

Aug 2019South Saskatchewan River from Wilson Shoulder

Aug 2019Trail to East Coleman

Aug 2019Intrepid Quartet Returning from Coleman Saddle

Aug 2019Heli Hovering Over Camp

Aug 2019Cathy on a Wet Morning below East Coleman

Aug 2019Snow Covered Razorback

Aug 2019Cline River Basin Flowing from Pinto Lake

Aug 2019I'm Lichen this Trail

Aug 2019Looking Toward Goat Ridge

Aug 2019Sunset Meadows from East Coleman

Aug 2019Pond Islands in the Meadow (in the Rain)

Aug 2019A Falls on Norman Creek

Aug 2019The Hike Out

Aug 2019
2019 Skyline Hikers - Sunset Pass
This year I participated in Camp 5 of Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park. Camp was at Sunset Pass - somewhat north of Saskatchewan River Crossing. Camp 5 was August 12-17. We had some of the best photographic viewing conditions the Rockies can offer in the summer.
Thanks to Skyline Hikers for organizing the trip and all my new hiking friends for making it so spectacular.