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Sunset over Rock Creek

Aug 2018Ready to Ride

Aug 2018Small Rest after a Day Off

Aug 2018Blue Bells

Aug 2018The Long Climb

Aug 2018Ridge Hiker

Aug 2018South Berland from High Above

Aug 2018South Berland Willow Whack

Aug 2018Persimmon Peak from the Trail In

Aug 2018Ptarmigan

Aug 2018Couple in the Clouds

Aug 2018Persimmon Reflection

Aug 2018Sky Walker

Aug 2018Everyday Panorama

Aug 2018Grizzlies from 2 km

Aug 2018Traversing a Steep Green Slope

Aug 2018Entertainment in the Valley of the 7 Falls

Aug 2018Yet Another Falls - This Time with Snow Pack

Aug 2018Navigating Through the Willow

Aug 2018River Beauty

Aug 2018No Fear of Heights

Aug 2018Rocky Side of the Ridge

Aug 2018Starting the Descent

Aug 2018Prominence

Aug 2018View from 8000 Feet

Aug 2018Young Sheep Descending

Aug 2018Talus Traverse

Aug 2018Wider View of Talus Traverse

Aug 2018The Old Goat

Aug 2018Scratching out Life in the Sub-Alpine

Aug 2018Blooms in the Saddle

Aug 2018Delicate Lanterns

Aug 2018Looking Down Persimmon Creek to Camp

Aug 2018Grouse

Aug 2018Young Wrangler 2 Years Later

Aug 2018The Fugitive

Aug 2018Pack Horse with Sensitive Eyes

Aug 2018Rainy Morning Hike Avoidance ;-)

Aug 2018Not to be Outdone

Aug 2018Cathedral Valley Falls

Aug 2018Another Cathedral Valley Falls

Aug 2018Looking up the Creek to Jasper

Aug 2018Colourful Uplift

Aug 2018Monks Hood

Aug 2018Red Enrapture

Aug 2018Cathedral Peak in Shroud

Aug 2018Crossing the Wildhay

Aug 2018Pack Train

Aug 2018Outfitter Crossing

Aug 2018
2018 Willmore