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Moose & Calf Reunited

July 2016Crossing Carson Creek

July 2016Garth in the Saddle

July 2016Climbing the Biggest Bump

July 2016Origin of the West Sulfur River

July 2016Sculpture

July 2016Marie Lake

July 2016Skyline Hikers

July 2016Big Sky

July 2016Approach to Brewster's Wall

July 2016Managing the Precipice

July 2016Over Brewster's Wall

July 2016Looking North from Brewster's Wall

July 2016Rain Coming up the Valley

July 2016Hiking Across Wildflowers

July 2016Falls Below Fernie Lakes

July 2016Above the First Fernie Lake

July 2016Spring from the Second Fernie Lake

July 2016Jedi Hiker

July 2016Horse Riding Party

July 2016Billowing Storm

August 2016Waterfalls in Lower Hardscrabble Pass

August 2016Falls Closeup

Aug 2016Leaping Hiker

August 2016Shorty & Monty

August 2016Aven Reflection

August 2016
Mounting Hardscrabble Pass

Aug 2016In the Pass

Aug 2016Looking into Jasper National Park

Aug 2016Trailside Display

Aug 2016Dramatic Folds I

Aug 2016Storm over the Sulfur River

Aug 2016Back into the Origins of Rock Creek

Aug 2016Wrangler's Horses Rest by the Trail

Aug 2016At Rest

Aug 2016Consultation

Aug 2016From the Bump Behind Summit Camp

Aug 2016Recline

Aug 2016Dramatic Folds II

Aug 2016Curious Cariboo

Aug 2016Skylight Range in the Morning

Aug 2016Morning in Eagle's Nest Camp

Aug 2016Lit Grasses

Aug 2016Group Shot

Aug 2016
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