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View of Cathedral ValleyCathedral PeakEagle's Nest Pass from Wildhay RidgeEagle's Nest Pass from Wildhay RidgeRest Stop on Wildhay RidgeConglomerate PinnacleValley of the 7 FallsRidge Hiking Above Persimmon CampFire Scar and PaintbrushPrecious Gift on a Rainy DayBasket WeaverTent AbstractMonks HoodSnow ContrastHorse at PastureMoonlit Jacknife PassBest Sheep Trail in the RockiesPoint of No Return for the BraveBighorn Lamb with MotherMilky Way at Jacknife PassJohn Groat - the OutfitterModern CowboyAmigos on the RidgeWillmore Star TrailShopping for Soap DishesOver the TopClassic Willmore Scene on the Way OutStill LifeUncle Ray Wants YOU!Monty Drives the Pack
Willmore 2015