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Brodgar - Orkneys

May 2015Two Strong Pillars

May 2015Brodgar - Orkneys

May 2015Brodgar Reflection

May 2015Brodgar

May 2015Last Light

May 2015Study for a Standing Stone

May 2015Blocking Ship - Skara Brae

May 2015Pat's Dad

May 2015Saved for John - Only he knows why

May 2015St Magnus Cathedral Decay

May 2015Kirkwall Castle View

May 2015Old Man of Hoy

June 2015June 2015Won't Get Wet

June 2015June 2015June 2015June 2015June 2015June 2015Runes on the Beach

June 2015Group Shot - Front Side

June 2015Foggy Lighthouse

June 2015Ferry to Ulva

June 2015Abandoned on Iona

June 2015
Scotland 2015 - Group