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Loading UpPlanningCrossing the Wildhay River #1Crossing #2Crossing #3Crossing #4Crossing #5Crossing #6RalphTomRalph IIHiding from the RainHiking in the RainMisty Sunrise IMisty MorningMisty Morning IIThistle BloomOoops, guess we can't use this!Washing DishesPredator in the NeighbourhoodPatternsMooshorn Morning FogTwo BumpsIt Got Kinda Dark....Cloud BankThe New BridgeMossy Trail IMossy Trail IIRocky TrailRustPhotographer at WorkEl LeaderSunset AgainAnd AgainReflectionChaliceWe Should Go Down ThereTravelers and PeaksLunch BreakPrairie BeyondMoses MomentOnly 5 km and 4 stream crossings to goWhich way is the Trail?Mossy Trail IIIFungii RisingI think there are 18 sheep ...Here's One Here...Descent from Sheep KnobJasper Boundary Marker at SummitOn a clear day you can see foreverHey!  This is a chunk of agglomerate!3 Eagles Disturbed?  10 pixels eachMoonrise over Moosehorn LakeStream Crossing Number 1,287Stream Crossing Number 5,672What you do when there is no stream to crossThere's that River AgainHighway Rainstorm
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