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Racetrack B&W

Jan 2013Roche Guyon - France

May 2014Bognor Hills in Winter

Jan 2014Highway Cloudburst

August 2013On Persimmon Ridge - Willmore Wilderness

Aug 2014Ridge Hikers

August 2013Moosehorn Morning Fog

August 2013Backwoods Shack

June 2014The Old Farm Gate

January 2014Wintry Farm

January 2014Santa Fe Cubism

Aug 2012Grindstone Creek IV

May 2012Cataract Falls from Below

May 2012Moonlit Waterfall

Feb 2015Iris

Aug 2012Porto Train Station

July 2012Street Graphic

June 2012Cleveland Dam on the Capilano River

Jul 2011Gas Meter Still Life

Sep 2011Cling

Oct 2011Encounter on the Inca Trail

June 2010Buckling House II

Apr 2012 Canyon de Chelly at Dusk

Nov 2010Robson River Detail

Summer 2009Abiquiu River at Sunset

Sep 2011Sands of Time
White Sands NM

Nov 2010Anasazi Ruin

2010Anasazi Pot in situYork Train Station 


Digital Print from NegativeNight Refinery

Black & White