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Hiking Map
Hiking Map

Just North of the US border and South West of Keremeos BC, Cathedral Lakes Lodge is in the Provincial Park of the same name. We got in by chaufferred 16 km 4 wheel drive vehicle.
The Lodge is opposite a campground on Quiniscoe Lake at 6750 ft. Another campground on Lake of the Woods was closed due to numerous blow downs.
We did 3 main hikes shown by the colored traces:
1. Climbed up past Glacier Lake to Cathedral Ridge (Yellow trace going west) then turned south to Devil's Woodpile, Smokey the Bear and descended to Ladyslipper Lake.

2. Hike down the valley to Goat Lake with Denture Ridge in the background (Cyan trace going south)
3. Climb up to Cathedral Ridge a second time, but went north (Gray trace) to Quiniscoe and Red Mountains, then down and around Scout Lake.
Also shown in red is the Centennial Trail which eventually gets to Manning Park about 55 km west. It continues to the east to Lakeview Mountain (dashed line), neither of which we did on this trip.