T o n y     P a i n e     P h o t o
Smoky Dawn on Crater Lake

Aug 2017Smoky Milky Way from the Hotel

Aug 2017Pinnacles Before Dawn

Aug 2017Pinnacle Shadows I

Aug 2017Pinnacle Shadows II

Aug 2017Pinnacle Shadows III

Aug 2017Dawn's Early Light

Aug 2017Blue Pattern

Aug 2017Smoke Rolls In

Aug 2017Shady Stream

Aug 2017Early Morning Milky Way over Wizard Island

Aug 2017Recovery of the Burned Forest

Aug 2017Painted Hills I

Aug 2017Painted Hills II

Aug 2017Painted Hills Detail

Aug 2017Steve Giving us his Portfolio Overview in the Orchard

Aug 2017Total Eclipse Showing Prominences and Flares

Aug 2017Total Eclipse: Sun's Corona

Aug 2017At the Scene of the Eclipse

Aug 2017Stephen Johnson, Workshop Leader, at the Eclipse Site

Aug 2017At the Eclipse II

Aug 2017At the Eclipse III

Aug 2017At the Eclipse IV

Aug 2017At the Eclipse V

Aug 2017At the Eclipse VI

Aug 2017At the Eclipse VII

Aug 2017At the Eclipse VIII

Aug 2017
Eclipse 2017
Images from the August Steve Johnson Workshop in Crater Lake and the Eclipse.