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Cathedral Grove

Sep 2016Nurse Log 
Sep 2016Walk-In Tree Stump

Sep 2016Blow Down Tree Root

Sep 2016Cathedral Majesty

Sep 2016Young and Old

Sep 2016Reminder

Sep 2016Cox Beach Morning

Sep 2016Ansel Adams Exercise - Fern

Sep 2016Surfer Paddling Out

Sep 2016Surfer Resting at Dawn

Sep 2016The Last of 200 Steps

Sep 2016Resting on the Beach

Sep 2016Beach Composition

Sep 2016Another 140 Steps Up

Sep 2016Boardwalk, Boardwalk, Boardwalk....

Sep 2016Buzzing

Sep 2016On Rainforest Trail

Sep 2016More Boardwalk

Sep 2016Nurse Log II

Sep 2016Group Shot at the Ice Cream Parlour

Sep 2016Surfer at Dawn

Sep 2016The Sun Peeks Over

Sep 2016The Big Cedar

Sep 2016Grice Bay

Sep 2016
Sep 2016 Tofino Mega Ramble