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Mount Baker with Super Moon

March 20, 2019Lunar Eclipse Sunday Jan 20, 2019
On Ruby Beach

Aug 2015Total Eclipse of the Sun 
Umatilla National Forest, Oregon
Aug 21, 2017
Sunset over Lake Cowichan

May 2018Moonrise over the Gulf Islands

May 2018At Ann's Church in the Snow

Feb 2017Castlecrag from the Campground

Aug 2018Dawn over Protection Island

Sep 2018Barking Sea Lion

Feb 2018Molting Goat

Aug 2018Morning Deer in Fog - Olympic National Park

Sep 2018Gerenuk

Feb 2018Pelican

Feb 2018Grouse

Aug 2018Beach Squirrel

Feb 2018Colourful Gekko

Feb 2018Blue Bird

Feb 2018Sunset Beach Walk

Feb 2018Leonard Island Lighthouse

Dec 2017Sky Walker

Aug 2018Glacier National Park

Jul 2017Persimmon Peak

Aug 2018Blue Bells

Aug 2018Young Wrangler 2 Years Later

Aug 2018After the Ojai Fire

Feb 2018Burnt Remains

Feb 2018
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