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Marilyn and the Big "O"

July 2014Fall in Tombstone Park

Sep 2014White River Aurora - Yukon

Sep 2014Sun Breaks over Zebra Mountain -- Willmore Wilderness

Aug 2014On Persimmon Ridge - Willmore Wilderness

Aug 2014The View from Here

Feb 2015Painting of one of the Seven Falls at Persimmon

Aug 2014Saskatoon Rain Magic

Feb 2015Abandoned Garden

May 2015Niagara Blossoms

May 2015Marmot on Guard

Aug 2014Spruce Grouse

Aug 2014Mule Deer Fawn

Aug 2014Afghanistan Artichoke

Oct 2014Winter Leaf

Dec 2014Spring Trillium

May 2015Checking the Bait

May 2015The Shoot at Sherman Falls

Mar 2015Bruce Peninsula Evening Fog

Sep 2014Port Rowan in January

Jan 2015Port Rowan Pier from Behind

Jan 2015Ice Volcanoes

Jan 2015San Miguel BIke Courier

Mar 2015Rattan Bicycle

May 2014Abandoned in PEI

June 2014Backwoods Shack

June 2014Thunderstorm

July 2014Moonlit Waterfall

Feb 2015
New Work