T o n y     P a i n e     P h o t o
Marmot on Guard

Aug 2014Masked!

March 2014Eastern Newt

May 2014Garden Lily

June 2014Fly on Pink

June 2014Monet's Garden - Giverny France

May 2014Poppy

May 2014Afghanistan Artichoke

Oct 2014Chalice Lichen

August 2013Grindstone Creek Detail

May 2012Morning Dragonfly

July 2013Jay on Post

January 2013Golden Reflections

January 2013Lotus Flower

August 2012Lotus Head

Aug 2012Dewy Morning

Aug 2012Common Nghthawk

Aug 2011Blue Frog

Nov 2011Red Eyed Tree Frog

Nov 2011Mating ToadsWater LilyTiny Blooms

Aug 2012Orange Mushrooms

2009Red Fungus


June 2012Ichneumon Wasp Ovipositing

May 2009Monarch Butterfly

Aug 2010 Feasting in the Rain 

Nov 2010Sand Hill Crane
Bosque del Apache, NM

Nov 2010Jagged

2009Winter Leaf

Dec 2014