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Missing the Big Picture

May 2013Birch Grove Tree Blur

Nov 2013Tom Thomson Rapids

September 2013Tilt-a-Whirl

June 2013Paintbrush

May 2012Georgian Bay Sunset

September 2011Leaves Softly Fallen

October 2012Life Goes On ... Outside

Sep 2012Renaissance Madonna

July 2012Blue Encounter

Oct 2011Two Sides of Sandra #85

Oct 2011After Magritte's Six Elements

Jan 2012The Prisoner

Jan 2012Badlands Cascade

Sep 2011Elements of Bosque del Apache

Nov 2010Bountiful Venus of Wall Street

2010Autumn Colors - Taughannock Gorge, NY

October 2008Fresia

2010Snowshoe Stitch and Warp

Feb 2010